• Hula Valley

Hula Valley

The Hula Valley was once swamp area. Shortly after the establishment of the state of Israel, a decision was made to drain the swamp area in order to create agricultural land.

Today, part of the area has been saved for the natural habitat and birdlife, and the area remains a key stop over for birds migrating between Europe and Africa. Tens of thousands of birds of over 200 species, including cranes, storks, pelicans, cormorants and egrets, stay in the reserve, knowing that they will find an abundance of food here.

The reserve also shelters rare aquatic plants, such as yellow flag, paper reed and white water-lily. Water buffalos graze in certain areas to preserve the open meadow environment. Species that have become extinct in the wild, such as the white-tailed eagle, are also reintroduced in the reserve. Cycling through the reserve is a perfect way to enjoy the natural environment. For families with smaller children, family friendly ‘cycle-buggies’ can be rented.

Visiting the Hula Nature Reserve showed us natural beauty as well as Israel’s commitment to conservationism.

Susan C, New York

map of Hula Valley

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