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Sahara Desert

The Sahara feels a million miles from Cairo, yet is only an hour and a half’s drive, and therefore accessible as a day trip or for a longer stay at the charming Lazib Inn.

To the West of Cairo lies the great Sahara desert, stretching all the way to Libya and far beyond across the African continent. The rural sugar cane growing villages of Fayoum and Tunis already feel a million miles from Cairo (they are a two hour plus drive/ one and a half hour drive coming from Cairo City/ Giza respectively), and they are the gateway to the desert expanse and a surprising number of attractions well worth visiting. Indeed, when you tour this accessible part of the Sahara with us, you will see the astonishing ecologically designed museum at the UNESCO world heritage site of Wadi El Hitan which demonstrates the working of evolution through fascinating prehistoric whale skeletons, including ones with limbs!  You will then make excellent use of our 4×4 vehicle and head out into the wilderness to see the magic lake which emerges – well as if by magic – from the desert scenery. This part of the tour is certainly an adventure off road jeep ride with plenty of steep inclines and declines. The lake is a stunning place to stop for an impromptu BBQ lunch which you will enjoy in the wilderness before leaving the desert. You will end with Tunis village, and the opportunity to buy some beautiful gifts, thanks to the endeavors of the committed Swiss philanthropist and potter Evelyn Porret. She single handedly took it upon herself to train an entire village which is now packed full of self-sustaining artisan potters.  Please do ask us about adding our Saharan adventure to your Egypt tour – it will truly provide a different experience and feel for this vast country.

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