• The Dead Sea

Dead Sea, Jordan

The Dead Sea is Jordan's best place for a bit of rest and relaxation after a busy historical and adventure tour.

The Dead Sea has been a ‘spa destination’ four thousands of years (apparently Herod the Great loved hanging out here), its mineral rich waters and air doing wonders for the body and soul.  The Dead Sea is in fact a salt lake with shores in both Jordan and Israel, it lies on the African Syrian rift valley and is fed by the Jordan river.  With saline levels around 34%, the Dead Sea is one of the saltiest lakes in the world.  Indeed, the density of salt is so high that pretty much nothing can live in this body of water hence it is ‘dead’, but this property also gives rise to your ability to float on it!  Floating on water is rather surreal, but extremely relaxing and definitely an experience to be tried.

For those less good at staying still, the Dead Sea area offers some wonderful and adventurous hiking trails, water canyoning, and scrambling over rocks at Wadi Mujib (summer months only) and in the Mujib biosphere reserve.

We recommend a couple of days at one of the best hotels on the shores of the Dead Sea in Jordan to take in the relaxing atmosphere, unwind and treat yourself to a spa treatment or two.  This is an excellent place to end a Jordan tour, the Dead Sea is conveniently close to the airport at Amman, and you’ll arrive home relaxed and restored.

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