• The Dades Canyon and the city within, Ouazazate region, Morocco

Dades Valley

Explore the breathtaking Dades Valley, a remarkable natural wonder filled with striking rock formations, picturesque rivers, and vibrant culture, offering an unforgettable journey through Morocco's stunning landscape.

Between the soaring peaks of the High Atlas and the rugged Jebel Saghro range lies the Dades Valley, an otherworldly landscape of wadis, rose-filled gorges, cedar trees, sand-coloured kasbahs and rocky tracks that must be walked to appreciate their surrounding beauty fully. Popular with hikers and nature enthusiasts alike, the region also features many archaeological sites with a long history of human settlement. The valley produces figs, almonds, dates, walnuts, and the Damascus rose, which blooms in May and from which delicately fragranced rose oil is extracted. Accompanied by your private guide, embark on a journey through this spectacular natural setting with its canyons, oases and kasbahs, with breathtaking views at every turn. Explore traditional Berber villages, discover the region’s unique geology, including the famous “Monkey Fingers” rock formation, and learn about the history and culture of the local people.

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