• Roman amphitheater built in the times of King Herodes.


Caesarea was King Herod the Great’s imposing port town, where Rome was honoured with temples, gladiators fought each other to the last, and games were played in celebration of the King and the empire.

The harbour itself was a major feat of engineering prowess on Herod’s part, and quite a marvel to behold today. Later, Caesarea became a thriving Byzantine town, and then a Crusader conquest, each civilisation leaving its archeological gems.

Today, the impressive ruins combine with modern art galleries and excellent fish restaurants, to create an alluring destination. The small museum at the Caesarea National Park is certainly worth a visit – the multi-media experiences allow you to meet and question various the various historical figures intimately associated with Caesarea’s history.

Our guide was superb – knowledgeable, informative, cerebral – a pure joy to share Israel with. He is the best guide I’ve ever experienced.

Berta M, New York


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