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Agafay Desert

Agafay Desert, near Marrakech, offers a unique rocky landscape and various activities like camel riding and camping, making it an accessible and enjoyable desert experience for visitors to Morocco.

Located just 30 kilometers south of Marrakech, the Agafay Desert feels like it is worlds away from the bustling city. The rocky landscape, akin to a sandy desert, features striking white dunes similar to those of the Sahara. Amidst this arid expanse lies a tranquil oasis where flora and fauna thrive, including frogs and turtles in the water-rich wadis. Hidden within the dunes, traditional Berber villages live as they have always lived, seamlessly integrating into this austere yet sublime environment. Embark on an exhilarating 4×4 excursion across the desert terrain or go horseback riding and discover the beauty of the dunes up close while immersing yourself in the desert’s tranquil ambiance.

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