Israel: North & South

The North of Israel has activities for everyone: hiking and swimming in nature, ancient archaeology and Biblical history, geopolitical tours, boutique wineries, and more. Whereas the Negev is the perfect canvass for contemplation and calm - though for adrenaline junkies we can turn it into a desert playground!

The North of the country is green and lush and criss-crossed with rivers and hiking trails. In the Golan and Galilee you will find ancient sites dating back to the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, and of course Roman and Byzantine periods, as well as truly remarkable Crusader period remains.  Here also more recent history and geo-politics also comes into play touring the borders of Israel, Syria and Lebanon, and learning about the radical and experimental kibbutz movement.  Putting geopolitics aside, the North is tremendous fun for couples and families seeking water hikes, wineries, cycling across nature reserves, home hospitality with Druze families and workshops at artisan chocolate factories.

The South of Israel feels like a world apart.  The Israeli Negev is home to the largest erosion crater in the world, the Ramon Crater, which is a stunning site to behold, and also provides ample opportunity for adventure – whether hiking, cycling, jeeping, or rappelling. Alternatively, you might choose to simply marvel at the breath-taking views, and to take some time for contemplation as you look out at the desert expanse from a luxury hotel. The Negev is also rich with history, archaeology and nature. Buried in the desert lie several treasures of UNSECO world heritage sites, including Shivta and Avdat which form part of the Nabatean spice route which continues down to Petra.

  • Acre

    Acre’s crusader UNESCO world heritage ‘ruins’ are so complete you’ll feel transported in time.

  • Banias

    The Banias also combines history with nature and boasts the wonderful archaeological remains of Caesarea Philippi, the city built by Herod’s son Philip. 

  • Beth Sh’ean

    Beth Sh’ean, one of the most impressive Roman sites in Israel. The theatre and bath houses are particularly worthy of note, in addition to the huge columns and capitals found all over the site.

  • Caesarea

    Caesarea was King Herod the Great’s imposing port town, where Rome was honoured with temples, gladiators fought each other to the last, and games were played in celebration of the King and the empire.

  • Eilat

    Eilat boasts year round sunshine, and glitzy beach hotels set against the stunning, red mountain backdrop.

  • Gamla

    Gamla ‘the Masada of the North’, is a special place which combines history, nature and landscape.

  • Golan Heights and Upper Galilee

    The Golan Heights and Upper Galilee are an entire microcosm of activities – there is just so much to do here!

  • Haifa

    The Bahai Gardens of Haifa are truly unique, combining a staircase of nineteen terraces, with geometric shapes, water features and intricate design.

  • Hula Valley

    The Hula Valley was once swamp area. Shortly after the establishment of the state of Israel, a decision was made to drain the swamp area in order to create agricultural land.

  • Megiddo

    Ever wanted to see what Armageddon looks like? Well, this is your chance.

  • Mount Bental

    Mount Bental offers stunning views of the Golan, extending all the way into Syria.

  • Nazareth

    The cradle of Christianity, the home of Jesus, is a city brimming with historical significance and holy churches, including the sacred Church of the Annunciation.

  • Nimrod Castle

    Nimrod Castle is a site which is often overlooked but absolutely ought not to be.

  • Ramon Crater

    The Ramon Crater is quite a site to behold. It is the largest ‘erosion crater’ (maktesh) in the world, and is a stunning work of nature.

  • Rosh Hanikra

    This site of natural beauty is a treasure to behold!

  • Safed

    Safed (or Tzfat) is the ancient mystical centre of kabbalah, where you will wander through time worn cobbled streets, exploring age old synagogues, ducking in and out of art galleries, craft shops and charming cafes.

  • Sea of Galilee

    Swim or boat on the serene Sea of Galilee, and visit the ancient synagogues and churches nestled on the shores.

  • Tel Dan

    Tel Dan is a wonderful site combining the great outdoors with biblical remains from the times of King Jeroboam.  

  • Zippori

    Zippori is one of the most beautiful of Israel’s national parks, both for its views of nature (the name Zippori comes from the Hebrew ‘Zippor’ meaning bird, because of the birds’ eye view afforded from here), and its ancient human art in the form of mosaics.

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