Tour with a Twist

Jun 20, 2018

So, who are you planning to travel with? Your nearest and dearest? Husband? Wife? Kids? Best friends? Think you know them? Think you can trust them? Uh-hum …. Really?

Tour with a Twist

Our new interactive mystery tour will have you questioning everything around you, and everyone you meet. Trust no one. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to join forces with Mossad (the Israeli secret service) in a lifesaving rescue mission.

Given that the last thing I would want to do is give anything away, this risks being a rather short blog piece. However, what I can say, is that this is a genuinely unique and different type of interactive experience which we are offering in both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. As well as being a super fun affair which will keep you in-role, and guessing throughout, this is a great way to explore different parts of the city enabling you to get to know it from different angles. Not only will you discover new aspects of the streets, you will meet various sorts of local people from all walks of life – the only problem being that you will have no idea whether they are friend or foe …. If you’re up for something a bit different then do ask us about this special experience when you speak to us about your Israel travels!

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