Getting High

Jun 12, 2019

Leesa writes: Israel is not a huge country but the wonderful sights stretch from the far North to the South of the country and if time is limited, or you just want to add an extra thrill to your touring, we recommend including helicopter flights in your itinerary.

This way you can see some of the most important sights from above and cover hundreds of kilometers in a day. Until recently this was something I had heard much about – from clients, who always rave about their helicopter experiences – and from other lucky members of the team who had tested our product – but had not personally experienced.

However last week I finally got the chance to experience it for myself! Gal and I took to the skies … We had the pleasure and MOST amazing experience to travel up north via helicopter. To have a birds eye view as we traversed the incredible landscape was nothing short of magical. We flew over the Sharon plains, Nazareth and landed next to the Sea of Galilee. As we flew our pilot gave us insight on the geographical, political and religious overview of the respective towns and cities we saw. The ride was somehow both smooth and exhilarating at the same time! The flight was not only breathtaking but truly allowed us to maximize our time – without a heli a day trip to the North is next to impossible.

I must admit to feeling a little like a film star when we landed directly on the grounds of the beautiful five star Setai hotel where we enjoyed a delicious breakfast with fresh produce and delicious juices before checking in with some of our guests who were staying at the hotel. We continued our journey to the New U Boutique hotel located on the Western Side of the Sea of Galilee in Tiberias. The hotel has a lovely pool and a really fun vibe. For any piano enthusiasts – you can play your tunes in the hotel lobby. Finally we visited the Scots Hotel, an old favourite of ours, which is steeped in history. We were welcomed with some delicious apple cider and for those who want to add a skip in your jump, be sure to mention your preference for whiskey. As ever, we found the grounds to be serene and beautiful, and thankfully we had some time to chill out in one of the garden pagodas before heading back to the center of the country. This was a very productive and exciting day indeed!

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