Barefoot luxury has landed in Israel!

Aug 04, 2015

Luxury travel and deep in-country experiences in Israel are Pomegranate Travel’s specialties. Luckily for us, lux options have exploded in number in the past 10 years.

Barefoot luxury has landed in Israel!

Once upon a time, only a limited number of heritage properties such as The King David in Jerusalem were considered worthy.  Today there is an abundance of amazing, modern, chic luxury options.  From Beresheet hotel in the Negev desert of the South, to the new ELMA Art Complex in the North; have no fear of being denied the pampering you deserve. However, Pomegranate Travel believes in seeing Israel differently, so we are excited to present an additional option … luxury desert camping. This is an experience which will be forever ingrained in your personal reserve of extraordinary moments.


Barefoot luxury has landed in Israel.  For us, this is the ultimate way to travel.  Feel totally at one with nature, let your soul be liberated by the wide open landscapes, get intimate with the spirit of the desert wilderness.  Totally alone, with only the bright stars to keep you company (plus your very own logistics and guiding team!), this rates as one of the most meaningful and ethereal ways to experience the desert.  All this without compromising on comfort!  Genius. Barefoot luxury has landed in Israel, for us this is ultimate way to travel Barefoot luxury has landed in Israel, for us this is ultimate way to travel1 Barefoot luxury has landed in Israel, for us this is ultimate way to travel.


The Negev desert is one of Israel’s less touristy areas and best kept secrets. Tour the Ramon Crater (the largest erosion crater in the world), the UNESCO world heritage sites of Avdat and Shivta, the stunning Zin Valley, and much more, with one of our expert desert guides getting an in-depth understanding of this fascinating eco system. Come an hour before sunset, and you will arrive at camp, which will be set up and waiting for you to settle in – with a cold sun downer easing the process.  Kick back and enjoy sunset before tucking into dinner enjoyed around a table set with glass/china utensils and stainless steel cutlery. Following dinner you will relax around the campfire on camp chairs, and if you like your guide will break out an 8 inch telescope and some powerful binoculars and take a tour of the starry heavens.  Out in the desert the stars look brighter than ever thanks to the lack of light pollution in this area.The camp site itself is raised on the inner edge of the Ramon Crater and offers an amazing view along the length of the crater.  The site includes basic and eco-friendly showers and bathrooms, complete with soap and shampoo, towels and slippers.   Tents are cabin style allowing one to easily stand up tall, and beds are simple but comfortable, fully fitted with sheets, duvet and pillow.  In short, our camp sites offer the very best of both worlds – eco-friendly and comfortable conditions in an unforgettable location, the perfect tradeoff between comfort and the wilderness feel.Waking up in the desert, you will be treated to a delicious breakfast of Shakshuka (a traditional Israeli meal – eggs poached in tomatoes), bread, a selection of cheeses, salad, fruit, tea and coffee.   After breakfast you will board your jeeps for a second day of desert negev desert.


This is a genuinely year round activity.  During the summer months although it’s hot during the day, the heat is surprisingly manageable because it’s so dry.  The desert is chilly at night throughout the year, so bring a sweater even if it’s August!  In winter month’s temperatures can drop pretty low at night – so although camping is possible in the winter it is not quite as recommended.

How much?

Huh-hum.  Quite a bit.  If your wallet is not feeling as adventurous as you are, then ask us about our standard desert camping too – also a wonderful, meaningful experience but with fewer frills.

Client Testimonial

“Luxury camping in the Negev was without doubt the highlight of our spectacular Israel trip, and perhaps the best travel experience we have ever had.  Our guide was outstanding, we couldn’t have felt better looked after.  Yet we also felt totally alone in the stunning natural environment – the desert and the stars.  This was a truly unique experience.”

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