Our tour guides

We have hand-picked an exceptional team of guides to tour Israel, Egypt and Jordan with you. And when we say hand-picked, this is not just a turn of phrase – we mean it.

Our tour guides

We have spent literally hundreds of hours out in the field with a huge array of guides to pick the cream of the crop for our guests. Nothing less will do.

Importantly, we understand that the right guide for you might be very different from the right guide for someone else. Therefore when you book with Pomegranate Travel we match your specific interests and group dynamics with the right guide for optimising your experience.

Our guides are highly educated individuals, who are also capable of telling a great story, and breaking down complex histories, chronologies and more into digestible information. Many of our guides have higher degrees in subjects such as near east archaeology, the birth of Christianity & history of Judaism, Egyptology, the politics of the Middle East, and local geology and biology. In all cases, the breadth and depth of our guides’ knowledge is outstanding – but then little else would do in a country whose allure and fascination arise partly from its historical, social and political complexity.

In addition to our mainstream in-house guides, we have curated a team of subject matter expert guides and speakers. Our experts include chefs, art historians, architects, geo-political analysts, journalists, adventure guides, helicopter pilots, fashion mavens and more. By introducing experts into your itinerary, we provide you with a deeper, more varied, and multi-layered Israel experience.

Highlight of the holiday? How about one of the highlights of our lives! What a great guide Ilan was and what an adventure.

Morris W, London

Gabi was a very good fit for our family. She was so kind, patient, and thoughtful. She made sure we got the most meaningful and best experiences… The girls say Gabi is now their Israeli mom.

Naran B, Ohio

Dan was phenomenal. Every person on our tour said that he was by far the best tour guide they had ever had in their entire lives, anywhere on the planet. That was a direct quote. Hannah knew how to match a guide for the personality of our group.

Lindy G, Los Angeles

Our guide was one of the most delightful, charming and informative we have ever encountered and he could not have been more attentive to our every need. Indeed, he was the perfect ambassador for his country.

Charles H, London

Jeremy was one of the best guides I’ve ever travelled with. He brought everything to life but in a very thoughtful way, which made me reassess what I thought I knew about Jerusalem. By showing us so many different perspectives on the city I think we grasped far more about it than any straightforward tour would have done. I felt so privileged to see it through its tunnels and back entrances with someone so thoughtful.

Melissa, London

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