Our team

Our team
  • main_Hannah

    Hannah Blustin

    My name is Hannah Blustin and I founded Pomegranate Travel.

    I was born and raised in London.

    Having been through Oxford and a finance career in the City, I can honestly say I felt pretty wed to England, and London in particular. And then I met and married an Israeli, and was whisked off to the Middle East. Yikes.

    I was not a complete stranger to Israel, having previously visited, nor was I a stranger to adventures abroad, having unleashed my passion for travel at every given opportunity, from backpacking as a student, to copious luxury travel fueled by a City lifestyle. However, I was not prepared for the intensity of my experience when I moved to Israel. I fell in love, in a complex, rich kind of way, the intellectual intensity of which was somehow perfectly sweetened by the joie de vivre and sensuality one finds here.

    And then we started to really explore the country, each weekend coming home flabbergasted by the incredible things we had seen, but which no one seemed to know about. Various friends from England came to visit and were blown away by the sites we showed them, the food they tasted and the people they met.

    Living in Israel, one can’t help but be inspired by the pervading spirit of innovation and entrepreneurialism, by people following their dreams rather than a nine to five. So I jumped on the band wagon and set up Pomegranate Travel – my chance to share this little known, endlessly fascinating place where sensual indulgence and intellectual stimulation come magically all wrapped up together.

  • main_Ryan

    Ryan Dritz

    My name is Ryan Dritz and I am the Senior Travel Consultant at Pomegranate Travel.

    I grew up in South Africa where I was heavily involved in Jewish informal Education. In 2001, my passion for Israel led me to make Aliyah (decide to live in Israel). During my early days of working in Israel, I headed up the Jewish Agency’s Student Delegation Unit which led me to the field of educational tourism and eventually the private travel sector.

    I spent years learning everything I could about the luxury travel industry in Israel and at this point I can honestly profess my expertise in the field! I have a particular passion for food and Israeli entrepreneurship and where relevant I love to imbue our crafted itineraries with special experiences in both areas. I love meeting new people and truly try to treat each client as a friend. My Aim is to make sure your visit to Israel is not just a vacation but a memory packed experience.

    Ryan was unbelievable in looking after us before and throughout our trip.

    Robert S, Miami

  • main_Leesa

    Leesa Oved

    My name is Leesa Oved and I am the Operations Manager at Pomegranate Travel.

    I am originally from Montreal, Canada. I moved to Israel because of my love and passion for the country. My thirst to learn more about Israel and the journey of the Jewish people, led me to take an Israeli tour guide course, a Masters in Jewish Professional Studies, and a certificate in Israel Education.

    My professional career has also focused on informal Jewish education, Israel and Holocaust studies. For many years, I worked for the Canadian Jewish community overseeing and perfecting the logistical side of a large number of Canada-Israel related projects and delegations. After ten years I understood how best to be immersed in Israeli culture and the answer was simple: to marry an Israeli! Together we have 3 beautiful children, which led to a short break from the working world. I re-joined the world of ‘Israel sharing’ as Pomegranate Travel’s Operations Manager, where I feel so lucky to be sharing the history, culture, language and people of this incredible country, with all of our wonderful clients.


  • main_Jenny

    Jenny Abrahams

    My name is Jenny Abrahams and I'm the office manager at Pomegranate Travel.

    I was born in Israel but grew up in South Africa. I started my career in management consulting and then moved onto event management. Ten years ago our family of four (now five!) fulfilled a lifelong dream to come and live in Israel. Now it’s my job to make sure that things run smoothly in the office so that the rest of the team is freed up to create and deliver incredible trips for our clients. How lucky am I?

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