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We are hiring! If you’re looking to join a fun, committed and inspiring team of travel experts, then please do get in touch! If you are passionate about travel in Israel and the wider Middle East, and you feel our company values of Excellence, Responsibility and Growth, resonate with you, then we would love to hear from you. Please email us: StartYourJourney@Pomegranate-Travel.com

Our team
  • Hannah Blustin

    Hannah Blustin

    My name is Hannah Blustin and I founded Pomegranate Travel.

    I was born and raised in London. Having been through Oxford and a finance career in the City, I can honestly say I felt pretty wed to England, and London in particular. And then I met and married an Israeli, and was whisked off to the Middle East. Yikes.

    I was not a complete stranger to Israel, having previously visited, nor was I a stranger to adventures abroad, having unleashed my passion for travel at every given opportunity, from backpacking as a student, to copious luxury travel fueled by a City lifestyle. However, I was not prepared for the intensity of my experience in Israel. I fell in love, in a complex, rich kind of way, the intellectual intensity of which was somehow perfectly sweetened by the joie de vivre and sensuality one finds here.

    In Israel, one can’t help but be inspired by the pervading spirit of innovation and entrepreneurialism, by people following their dreams rather than a nine to five. So I jumped on the band wagon and set up Pomegranate Travel – my chance to share this little known, endlessly fascinating place where sensual indulgence and intellectual stimulation come magically all wrapped up together.
    Today I am based between London and Israel, with quite a bit of time spent in the USA, and I can honestly say I am living my dream by running Pomegranate Travel – which it turns out is much more exciting than banking!

    Hannah, You are the Goddess of Israel Travel!Deirdre J, NY

  • Ryan Dritz

    Ryan Dritz

    My name is Ryan and I am the Chief Travel Architect at Pomegranate Travel.

    I grew up in South Africa where I was heavily involved in Jewish informal Education. In 2001, my passion for Israel led me to make Aliyah (decide to live in Israel). During my early days of working in Israel, I headed up the Jewish Agency’s Student Delegation Unit which led me to the field of educational tourism and eventually the private travel sector.

    I spent years learning everything I could about the luxury travel industry in Israel and at this point I can honestly profess my expertise in the field! I have a particular passion for food and Israeli entrepreneurship and where relevant I love to imbue our crafted itineraries with special experiences in both areas. I love meeting new people and truly try to treat each client as a friend. My aim is to make sure your visit to Israel is not just a vacation but a memory packed experience.

    Ryan was unbelievable in looking after us before and throughout our trip.

    Robert S, Miami

  • Leesa Oved

    Leesa Oved

    My name is Leesa and I am a Journey Consultant at Pomegranate Travel.

    I am originally from Montreal, Canada. My thirst to learn more about Israel and the journey of the Jewish people, led me to take an Israeli tour guide course, a Masters in Jewish Professional Studies, and a certificate in Israel Education.

    My professional career has focused on informal Jewish education, Israel and Holocaust studies. For many years, I worked for the Canadian Jewish community overseeing and perfecting the logistical side of a large number of Canada-Israel related projects and delegations. After ten years I understood how best to be immersed in Israeli culture and the answer was simple: to marry an Israeli!

    Together we have 3 beautiful children, which led to a short break from the working world. I re-joined the world of ‘Israel sharing’ by joining Pomegranate Travel, where I feel so lucky to be sharing the history, culture, language and people of this incredible country, with all of our wonderful clients.

    Leesa was helpful, kind and extremely professional.

    Allan F, Toronto

  • Eve Birkan

    Eve Birkan

    My name is Eve and I am an Operations Manager at Pomegranate Travel.

    I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa and at a very young age made Aliyah with my family to Israel. After completing high school I studied hotel management and entered the tourism industry. I began my professional career at a well known Israeli hotel, and then moved into incoming tourism. With more than 15 years experience in the field, I felt ready to make the move into luxury travel, and am ready to offer you the highest class of service and attention to the smallest detail while you enjoy Israel. I am married (to a South African ) and have two kids. Outside of the office I love baking for friends and family – I am famous for my apple crumble!

    Eve took care of every detail and made us feel so well looked after.

    Paul M, London

  • Ruth Kringle

    Ruth Kringle

    My name is Ruth and I am an Operations Manager at Pomegranate Travel.

    After spending a year in Israel aged 18, my dreams to live here got somewhat sidetracked for too many years.  But after a 15 year career in the UK Prison Service I finally came to Israel 11 years ago with my husband and 3 children (all totally undisciplined despite my former profession!).  There are so many aspects of Israel that I love, so to work in a field that allows me to introduce others to the beauty and complexity of this country is very exciting. Outside of perfecting our Israel tours, I love painting, yoga and cooking.

    Special shout out to Ruth, who was so helpful and responsive to all of our questions and requests while we were in Israel.Donna S, New York

  • Samantha Philips

    Samantha Philips

    My name is Sam and I'm the office manager at Pomegranate Travel.

    I am an avid traveller and spent much of my youth exploring Asia, Australia, Central America and Europe.  Professionally I have a diverse background in co-ordination and logistics positions and project management, before coming to Pomegranate where I am responsible for office management and finance.  Due to the restraints of my two little rugrats who keep me tied to one place, my travelling is on hold, but I love the office atmosphere where we are constantly planning amazing trips for others, and I hope one day to return to my lifelong quest of searching for the best beach in the world!

    Samantha – we are back home now but I wanted to send you an email letting you know what a great job you and your team did while we were in Israel.Terry S, Texas

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