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Our team
  • upd_Hannah1


    Hannah Blustin, Founder

    I am a Londoner, and benefited from a pretty traditional ‘best of British’ education, graduating from Oxford and embarking on a finance career in the City.  Then life threw a twist, as it does – I fell in love and ended up moving to the Middle East for eleven years, during which time I fell in love again, this time with the region.  Today I am based back in London, with plenty of time in Tel Aviv, Amman, Cairo and Marrakesh, as well as lesser known corners of our region, and a good splattering of time in the USA.  Throughout, my aim is bring our clients a depth of experience of, and understanding for, our complex region which they would not find elsewhere.

    Hannah, You are the Goddess of Travel! Deirdre J, NY

  • sherry


    Sherry Kagan Segal, CEO

    I love so much about the Middle East, and especially the culinary scene of this region.  I have done countless foodie tours throughout the world (so many that I literally cannot count them), but my favorite are the street food of Amman and the shuks of Jerusalem. Likewise I have been lucky enough to dine is numerous fabulous regional restaurants, but some of the best meals were ones eaten not at fancy establishments, but at the casual cafes, and local digs.  I also love the warmth of the people our here – loud and boisterous and full of life.

  • Ryan Dritz


    Ryan, Chief Travel Architect

    As Chief Travel Architect I get a kick out every day out of designing perfect trips for clients, and get to live in a world where my head is constantly full of some of the world’s finest travel destinations.  My favorite site in the region is Egypt is Nuweibah. It is a small beach enclave about halfway between Tabah and Sharm El Sheikh. There are a few scattered resorts and beach huts there but it absolutely one of the most beautiful beaches on earth, and there is a family of dolphins who live in the bay.

    Ryan was unbelievable in looking after us before and throughout our trip. Robert S, Miami

  • Gal


    Gal, Head of VIP Operations

    With a degree in archeology, I love the many ancient sites found throughout the Middle East and North Africa.  My favorite site is Mamshit (Mempsis), the ancient Roman town located in the north east Negev desert. Located at the edge of a cliff above a dry river, these remarkably preserved ruins of the small fortified Roman border town were partly reconstructed and now host periodical theme craft markets or handcraft activities.

    Gal was awesome thru our entire trip…always available to us to answer questions. Alan C, CT

  • Mireille


    Mireille, Director of Operations

    I love the vibe of Middle Eastern cities, but also the quiet of the desert.  My most loved city is Tel Aviv for its party atmosphere, culinary scene, and beuaitful beaches.  The desert experiences I most love, and most love to share with clients, are the wildernesses of Wadi Rum in Jordan, and the great Sahara desert in Morocco. It is hard to beat desert sunsets and stargazing after the sun goes down.

  • image


    Anna, Senior Journey Consultant

    My favourite mode of travel throughout the Middle East is by jeep, through the Sinai and Negev deserts of Israel, Jordan and Egypt, and the Sahara which stretches all the way from Egypt to Morocco.  You can discover ancients sites from the Nabateans like Shivta or Mamshit, or totally isolated spots with authentic tents and the clearest night skies.

    So helpful, kind and extremely professional.

    Allan F, Toronto

  • rob new website photo


    Rob, Senior Journey Consultant

    My absolute favorite place in our region is Morocco.  I love to wander through the winding alleys of the Marrakech medina, and marvel at the colorful markets, exquisite architecture, and taste the flavorful street food. I also love exploring the Sahara Desert, and especially spending a magical night under the stars in a traditional camp. Another highlight is the coastal city of Essaouira, known for its laid-back atmosphere, charming blue and white buildings, and historic fortifications.

  • yuliya wadi rum


    Yuliya, Operations Manager

    My most loved travel destination in the Middle East … is the place with the most ideal sunsets ever, where the landscape is so unusual, that you doubt you’re still actually on Earth… It’s where Walt Disney came to shoot the famous The Martian… It is of course the Wadi Rum desert of Jordan.  This is where and when I fell in love with Jordan once and forever.

  • IMG-20191219-WA0002


    Yettie, Operations Manager

    For me, the most attractive city in the Middle East is Jerusalem. This dynamic city mixes so many cultures and peoples and combines tradition and modernity in a truly unique way.  It always leaves the people I take there to visit for the first time, filled with an indefinable feeling, and a desire to come back.

  • Gary Plen website photo


    Gary, Operations Manager

    I have travelled to the US and Canada, the UK and France, Australia, South Africa, and Southern Africa, but through it all, I love Israel for its incredible diversity – from a walk around Zichron Yaakov, to a swim in the Kinneret, a hike up Masada or sitting on the beach in Tel Aviv.

  • Samantha Philips


    Sam, Finance Manager

    My favorite experience in the Middle East was touring the ruins at Luxor, the great temples and ruins of Karnak and Luxor will bring out your Indiana Jones, and combine in a fabulous way with the beauty of the Nile to satisfy your nature spirit.

    Samantha – we are back home now but I wanted to send you an email letting you know what a great job you and your team did while we were in Israel. Terry S, Texas

  • Valya picture for web (1)


    Valya, Operations Manager

    I love the history of ancient Egypt, it is absolutely fascinating to me to consider how sophisticated these ancient people were, from architecture to art to science.  Luckily for us the ancient wonders left for us to visit are as remarkable as they are colossal, and I love sharing these sites with clients.

  • inna 1


    Inna, Operations Manager

    I love spending time by the sea, and the Mediterranean coastline in Israel is a special place for me, as well as the Red Sea which touches three of our destinations, Israel, Jordan and Egypt.  I especially love how friendly the people are in the region – there is a warmth here you don’t always find in Europe.  I can’t wait to share all of this with you!

  • Dor Elbaz pic for web3


    My name is Dor, and I am an Operations & On Call Manager

    I love travelling and have travelled along the entire western coast of the United States and throughout South America. I loved exploring the world and experiencing different countries, but for me, there is no place like Israel – it is magical!  One of my favorite things to do is to camp along the Jordan River in the North and discover new hiking trails.  Also, having eaten food all over the world, I can say on a well researched basis that the food here is incredible.  I enjoy eating at a lot of different types of restaurants, but hummus is definitely my favorite!

  • Elly prof pic


    Eleanor, Senior Journey Consultant

    I have always had a thirst for travelling and experiencing new places. I have worked in travel my entire life and have been lucky enough to visit a number of different countries over the years. The Middle East is by far the area I love best and my passion for the culture and diversity of this region is ever-growing. Whether it be Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Oman or Israel, there is something for everyone and delving into the delights on offer really make for an immersive experience.

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