Nature in Israel

Israel’s skies, land and oceans boast a massively diverse array of wildlife, flora and fauna. This is due to its positioning between temperate and tropical zones, bordering the Mediterranean Sea in the West and the desert in the East.

Nature in Israel

The skies are a paradise for bird watchers, providing a temporary home to 500 million birds as they migrate twice a year from Europe to Africa and back.

The land is home to desert animals such as Ibex and hyrax, scorpions and lizards, and though rare, the desert Arabian Leopard is still spotted. In the late winter and spring the length of the country, from the desert in the South to the Golan in the North, bursts into colour with the blossoming of wild flowers.

In the seas you can snorkel and scuba dive meeting dolphins and turtles, 1200 species of tropical fish, 250 species of coral, and invertebrate such as octopus, crabs and starfish.
Pomegranate Travel organises hikes and excursions around Israel’s wildlife, and Red Sea scuba sports. Please tell us if you are a nature enthusiast so we can match you with an appropriately specialised tour guide.

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