Israeli innovation

Israel’s achievements in the field of innovation are remarkable. Israel has more patents and more start-ups per capita than anywhere else in the world.
Israeli Innovation

Innovation is a way of thinking, and in Israel you will notice a general attitude of questioning the status quo, and asking whether things can be done differently or better.

This can be damn right annoying. For example, you might be in a restaurant ordering lunch, only to have your waitress look at you, with big serious eyes, shake her head and say, “but maybe you should try the chicken, it’s much better”.
However, as you travel the country, you will also find innovation to be inspiring, from vegetable farms and vineyards in the desert (possible through the Israeli invention of drip irrigation), to Tel Aviv’s energy infused tech hub – where just about everyone seems to have a start-up.

Your Pomegranate Travel tour guide will have endless tales of Israeli innovation, and will be able to point out examples around the country.

Globally, per capita, Israel has:

  • More Tech Start Ups
  • More Female Entrepreneurs
  • More Scientific Publications
  • More University Degrees
  • More Museums
  • More R&D Investment
  • More VC Investment
  • More NASDAQ listings (ex USA)
  • More Patents

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