Food in Israel

Time and time again, the first feedback we get from clients just home from Israel is, “Oh my goodness, the food was amazing”.
street food

Food is absolutely central to Israeli culture, and once you taste it you’ll appreciate why. The hot climate and fertile land means the freshest of local ingredients such as fruit and vegetables, mint and herbs, and organic cheeses.
In addition to fresh ingredients, an immigrant society means Israeli food is an eclectic mix with far flung influences from North Africa, Iran, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe.

Examples of Israeli food originally from diaspora communities are Lybian shakshuka – a popular and delicious breakfast dish of eggs poached in spicy tomato and pepper sauce, and the omnipresent Iraqi Eggplant, smoky in taste, and served with tahini.
There is also a serious boutique wine scene in Israel, with local vintners returning to the biblical roots of this heavenly elixir.

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